Wednesday, March 27, 2013

17 minutes of Battlefield 4 gameplay

"But I set fire to the rain...."
EA officially revealed Battlefield 4 Monday during a press event. During the event, EA revealed a full 17-minutes of absolutely gorgeous gameplay, courtesy of the new Frostbite 3 engine. Take a look at the gameplay here:

EA also revealed a much shorter trailer here for those of you lacking the patience time for the previous video. It also features Rihanna singing "Run This Town", which surprisingly fits:

Considering my only experience with the Battlefield series comes from playing mainly Battlefield 3 with a taste of Battlefield 2, my expectations for this title are as such:

-amazing graphics and sound design.

-an amazing multiplayer experience.

-a single-player campaign provided with the idea that it will prep you for the multiplayer experience, but ultimately fail. And it will do this while providing you with a rather "ho-hum" story.

Hopefully DICE will learn from the few but important shortcomings of BF3 and produce a title with a far more interesting story, as well as actually instructing players on how to use the many vehicles that players will use in multiplayer.

Because I still can't fly a helicopter to save my life, not to mention anyone foolish enough to get into the helicopter with me.

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