Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video Games....out of context

I'd' like to take just a  second here to say welcome to "Video Games....out of context."

As we all know, taking something out of context is always funny. Sometimes it's because of something that's said; sometimes it's out of something seen; and sometimes it simply comes from an awkward silence.

In this case, it's both pictures and words:

This screen shot comes from a PS2 classic, Okami; it's a great game, and I highly recommend it. It also has one of my favorite moments of "out of context" in a game.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Ubisoft's "Mr. Caffeine" - I said there would be videos of this guy!

When Ubisoft took to the stage during last week's E3, they brought out their hype guy, Mr. Caffeine. A jackass of a host so annoying, so painful to listen to, I swear someone somewhere stabbed a kitten.

I commented on this personna host on Facebook while watching Ubisoft presentation, and eventually stated "There will be Youtube videos of this guy. I guarantee it."

And now, here they are. Oh dear gawd...


Ubisoft E3 2011 - Mr. Caffeine

E3 2011: Ubisoft's Mr. Caffeine (Jastuk55 short remix)

These are just a few of the videos out there, but I think these are enough to wreck your day.

(Thank you to those on YouTube for uploading these...special...videos.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quickly brushing away the shine of the Nintendo Wii U

The following rant stemmed from an e-mail conversation between myself and a few friends. While my initial reaction towards the unveiling of the new Wii U was filled with excitement and "Oooos" and "Aaaaaas", it was a blinding excitement that I quickly wiped away after I had a few moments to really think about a few things. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts. 

While my first reaction towards the Wii U and the controller was "Oh, that looks awesome", I've had some time to think about it and now I'm thinking, "Why the f!ck can't I just use a 3DS as a controller?! So far, with the exception of two shoulder buttons, they sound pretty damn similar!"

Yeah, yeah - I'm certain that there are some tech-spec differences. But still - I'm certain Nintendo can stop jerking us around and make something simple for once.

"Here's a console, and it's up to date with current tech. And here's the controller. No, ALL of the controller. We didn't strip the damn thing down and plan to sell you the rest of it over the next few years. It's all there."

I mean honestly, if you ever sat down and figured the real cost of controller for the Wii, you'd probably crap yourself. I've discussed this before, but just in case you missed it:

At first, it was just the Wiimote, chuck, and classic controller. For all three, it would cost you $80. Already more expensive than a controller for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Then they introduced the Wiimotion Plus, giving the true 1:1 response we should have gotten from DAY ONE!. Anyway, they introduced it, told us that future Wii games would need it (or best be experienced it), and charged us an extra $20. So now we were up to $100 for one controller set; a tad ridiculous.

Yes, eventually the Wiimote and Wiimotion were integrated into one controller, but it took them...what...almost a year and a half to do it? But that still leaves us at $80 for one controller set.

And I'm not going to even go into the other accessories for the Wii, such as the Balance Board, Zapper, and the various amounts of shitty snap-on peripherals that everyone and their creepy uncle made. A Wiimote "football attachment" to create the most realistic football experience ever? Or the "bowling ball attachment" to create the sensation of actually bowling? WTF?

Now with the unveiling of the Wii U - just the controller mind you - I'm already thinking about how much the damn thing is going to cost. Yes, I'm not going to deny that the tech video had me in all sorts of "Ooooos" and "Aaahhhhs", but it's already losing it's glitter. I've taken off the shades, and I can see the reality of what it is, and what it may become.

My thoughts - or predictions, if you will: at first it'll be cool, just as the Wii was. Granted, it'll introduce an entirely new way to play. And hell, I'll probably get wrapped up in all the renewed excitement and buy it myself.

But over time, after the glow fades, people are going to discover the true cost of this thing. Not the console and controller package, but the cost of all the accessories and extra controllers. I've heard and read people call it "like an iPad". How much does an iPad cost? About $400 bucks? So what's the controller going to cost? $100? $150 *ulp* $200 each? Sounds llike a possibility. And that's where it's going to hit people.

So what could save this thing from completely sucking? If a lot of the promises made at E3 today come true. And I don't mean just all the tech demos and concept snippets Nintendo put together to show what it "might" be able to do. I am also referring to the 3rd party developers, and the support they said they want to throw at the system.

Perhaps I still have a bitter taste in my mouth after the Wii, and the overall poor quality of games and support from Nintendo towards hardcore gamers and longtime fans. Yes, there were a few gems floating in that huge pool of casual gaming bullshit. But they were so far and few, I tend to forgot about my Wii, except for when I watch Netflix. Nintendo said that the Wii U" stands for both the casual gamer and the hardcore - a system for everyone.

I hope so. Because the concepts I saw today are in fact very cool. I'd just hate to see them squandered.

Man, I hope I wasn't too harsh...


(video courtesy of IGN)