Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lost in Liberty City? Google Maps can help!

Falling under the category of "too much time on their hands," a handful of individuals over at gta4.net took it upon themselves to create the most amazing interactive map of a video game - ever - using Google Maps to do so.

Aside from item locations, stunt jumps, "flying rat" locations and other useful info, the map allows you to zoom in all the way down to street level and navigate around Liberty City via thousands of photos, just as you would using Google Maps to explore your own neighborhood, with the exception of that embarrassing photo of your neighbor walking around their yard in their tighty-whiteys.

Once again, it goes to show you that it just doesn't make sense to buy strategy guides anymore. Wait patiently long enough, and someone will come along and make an interactive map a thousand times more superior than any guide book can be. Or at the very least a hastily written guide that will save you from shelling out $20 bucks for the damn book.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Legend of Zelda, according to Doc Brown

Combining two things that I love - the Back to the Future  trilogy and  the Legend of Zelda games, this fan-made film explains the Legend of Zelda  timeline so well, I doubt Shigeru Miyamoto himself could do any better.

It's almost impossible to describe how much awesome oozes from this video. The Master Sword,  Link and Ganon hurling lightening back and forth, the DeLorean, and a chalkboard with the most complicated timeline ever illustrated. "Epic", while cliche' in use, is probably the most appropriate.

The only fault that I found with this video: by merely mentioning the CDi Zelda games, this video acknowledges their existence; they don't. Nintendo neither speaks of them or acknowledges them, nor should anyone else.


Try to discuss them with me, and I'll find a way to go back in time, date your Mom, ruin her for all other men, thus effectively erasing you from existence.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

If only...

Now, I realize that this picture has been floating around out there for some time. In fact, I recall my initial reaction when I first saw the picture:

"Well that would be frickin' cool!"

However, with the relatively recent death of the music game genre, I don't think we'll be seeing this come to fruition any time soon. And with that death comes the sad realization that my aspirations to be as cool as "Weird Al" Yankovic will remain a fantasy.

Best name for a game....ever.

Hothead Games recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming third entry into the DeathSpank games. And with it, quite possibly the greatest sub-title for a game. Ever.

If you happened to have skipped over the previous two installments of the games (DeathSpank and the surprising 5-month later sequel Thongs of Virtue), you may want to scope them out. Especially if you happen to enjoy dungeon crawlers such as Diablo; the DeathSpank games are essentially hilarious send-ups of them.

You can grab a copy of both games via Xbox LIVE, PSN, or Steam. Sorry Wii fanboys, but there's just no love for you.