Thursday, August 4, 2011

The most frightening mod I've ever seen

While I may be a console fanboy, I'll always tip my hat to one of PC gaming's greatest advantages over console games - modding. Console titles are, for lack of a better term, inflexible. What you buy is what you get - unlike PC titles, which occasionally have whole communities dedicated to creating some of the most amazing mods for PC games. 

I'm sure some of you remember the Goldeneye: Source project where a group of individuals used modding tools to recreate Goldeneye 64 using Half-Life 2? 

While that project was an amazing feat of dedication and talent showcasing the true potential of what modding can offer, occasionally someone comes along and reminds us that there is a opposite end of the spectrum by creating a mod far more terrifying than it should be. 

I give you...."The Silly Adventure of Mr. Mochi".

I honestly don't know whether to be laughing uncontrollably, or curled up in a corner sucking my thumb.


(I think...)

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