Monday, May 30, 2011

The Legend of Zelda, according to Doc Brown

Combining two things that I love - the Back to the Future  trilogy and  the Legend of Zelda games, this fan-made film explains the Legend of Zelda  timeline so well, I doubt Shigeru Miyamoto himself could do any better.

It's almost impossible to describe how much awesome oozes from this video. The Master Sword,  Link and Ganon hurling lightening back and forth, the DeLorean, and a chalkboard with the most complicated timeline ever illustrated. "Epic", while cliche' in use, is probably the most appropriate.

The only fault that I found with this video: by merely mentioning the CDi Zelda games, this video acknowledges their existence; they don't. Nintendo neither speaks of them or acknowledges them, nor should anyone else.


Try to discuss them with me, and I'll find a way to go back in time, date your Mom, ruin her for all other men, thus effectively erasing you from existence.

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