Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Calling all Geeks! Add your star in a monument to Reach

Geek within me, be damned. But after watching the little snipit from the dashboard on my XBox 360 about a virtual monument being built on a website made from the "tagged" stars created by Facebook users, I couldn't help myself. takes you to a website that essentially is a fictitious (duh) memorial website dedicated to those brave six spartans that...fell? or on or somewhere near the planet Reach. And to pay tribute, visitors to the site can add a star to the memorial by linking their Facebook info to the site and tag a spot on the memorial, which will be added at some point. Not immediately, which I thought was pretty cool. They don't just throw it up there and say "Jolly Good!" They make you wait your turn like a good little geek.

Granted, it's basically just a big data collector if you think about it. But at the same time, a cool one at that and I couldn't help myself; the good little geek within wanted to place a star on a crotch. Any crotch. Which sadly you can't select.

So I settled for a shoulder.

It'll be easier to find my star instead of having to methodically pinpoint myself with the rest of the would-be nut-huggers out there.

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